Beauty of Nepal from Kathmandu to Himalaya (Annapurnas)

Directed by Ludoc
Mix : Samstation

Shot on Sony A7S II

Music : Ludovic Einaudi - Primavera

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La settimana Incom 01560 del 25/07/1957 - La moda italiana. Descrizione sequenze: l'hotel Excelsior di Roma in mezzo al traffico cittadino ; nei suoi saloni si espongono accessori di abbigliamento ; pubblico in gran parte femminile ammira gli oggetti esposti; due signore davanti all'esposizione di modelli di calzature ; guanti di varie fogge, poi bigiotteria ; le indossatrici intanto si stanno ritoccando il trucco e si preparano per la sfilata ; indossano gli abiti e i cappelli ; poi sfilano in passerella.

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A number of prominent architects have called the reclusive dry-desert abode of Palm Springs home, but few have released their private estates for public sale. The Cree House, which was designed and built by revered architect Albert Frey, is one such residence.

The Cree House is a handsomely conceptualized mid-century estate located among Palm Springs’ rock-strewn hills, boasting over 8.2 -acres of expansive views, a mesmerizing Encelia Green exterior, and an interesting sub-deck parking garage. Amidst the property’s meticulously landscaped surroundings, Frey’s unique taste in angular charm, vibrant, poppy colors, and vintage reading chairs serve to define the estate, which houses a 1,124-square-foot interior and one individual bedroom, a native stone fireplace, and classic wood paneling. Outside, a 600-square-foot deck provides the perfect space for panoramic observation during the city’s temperate summer nights.

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