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"In march 2019 I took on a trip to the north of India to document the festival of colours - Holi.
It would be fair to say, that never in my life I’ve ever experienced such a vibrant, playful celebration of being alive.
Spending almost two weeks in various places like Vrindavan, Mathura or Barsana I was particularly fascinated by how the children enjoy the playfulness of Holi.
With great anticipation they wait for this time of the year to prank everybody around them with colourful gulal powder and water pistols.
During the time of Holi they are allowed to play tricks on everybody around them and get away with it!
I found that absolutely amazing and loved to be part of it."

"This creative activity of the Divine is called lila, the play of God, and the world is seen as the stage of the divine play."
- Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics (1975)

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PIONEERS tells the story of two desperate pioneer women who escape together across the midwestern desert in 1848. In a twisted and gripping tale of survival, the duo shatters our expectations of the typical damsels in distress and deliver a story of physical and psychological survival. A haunting and mesmerizing tribute to the fierce femininity often forgotten in history, PIONEERS is a raw, visual journey rich with tender perseverance.

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Bolivia's Climbing Cholitas - a group of indigenous women scaling the Andes Mountains, some of the highest peaks in the world.

Shot in Bolivia for Vogue Latin America and Vogue Mexico's 20th anniversary cover story.

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30 years ago the Berlin Wall fell and, with it, the COMMUNIST OPPRESSION of East Germany.

Billy doesn’t stand still. With a steady thrust he maneuvers the ocean of life. It’s hard to say where the push is coming from, but it seems to charge from an positive energy that sits deep within. It is this energy that represents a desirerable attitude towards life.

You can watch Billy on NOWNESS.

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