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We haven’t made it to Mars quite yet, but now we can sample life on the Red Planet right here on Earth. The Chinese-built C-Space Mars Base 1 in the Gobi desert was created to simulate a station on the fourth planet from our fiery sun.

Giving us a glimpse into the future, Mars Base 1 consists of one main living space and nine other separate modules, including a greenhouse and airlock. It has some Tatooine vibes and features a mysterious black monolith similar to the one seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The China National Space Administration program is set on sending a man to the moon with plans to Mars somewhere down the road. But for now, this station simulation straight from a sci-fi film is a solid start. In the near future, Mars Base 1 will open up to the public as a tourist destination complete with a space-themed hotel and restaurant. And with the help of the Astronauts Center of China, it will also turn into an astronaut training center.

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Incom 01560 week of 07/25/1957 - Italian fashion. Sequence description: the Excelsior hotel in Rome in the midst of city traffic; in its salons, clothing accessories are displayed; mostly female public admires the exhibits; two ladies in front of the exhibition of footwear models; gloves of various shapes, then costume jewelery; in the meantime the models are retouching their makeup and getting ready for the show; they wear clothes and hats; then they parade on the catwalk.

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